Best Indian Restaurants in Austin – 5 Places Serving Second to ‘Naan’ Food

Best Indian Food in Austin

Looking for the best Indian restaurants in Austin? Check out our list of top 5 places for Indian food!

It’s safe to assume that tacos are always on every Austinite’s mind. However, once in a blue moon, whether we like to admit it or not, we have thoughts of a more exotic flavor profile, from a land far away. When you find yourself in search of cuisine that’s more around the world than south of the border, these five restaurants serving Indian food in Austin are sure to satisfy.

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Best Margaritas in Austin – 16 Must Try Margaritas in ATX

Desert Door Margarita
Cool off with a margarita at Desert Door (Credit: Desert Door)

There’s nothing like a quality tequila mixed with the perfect amount of lime juice in a salted rim glass that instantly transports me to a beach in Mexico. While Austin may not be ocean-side, there’s no denying that when it comes to selection of Margaritas, Austin is next to none!

Take your own trip to Margaritaville by indulging at these 16 places serving up the best margaritas in Austin.

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Elevate Your Spirits With These 5 Local Vodka Companies

Tito’s Vodka cocktail with orange (Credit: Tito’s Vodka).

Texas vodka has become a thing, and I’m not just talking Tito’s. Everyone is trying to get in on distilling this clear liquor. While vodka is traditionally made with potatoes in Russia, most vodkas made here are corn-based. These four in particular are all made in or close to Austin, and are sure to quench your thirst.

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How to Have a Perfect Day in Wimberley, TX

Wimberley Texas Day Trip

Less than an hour southwest of Austin lies the ultimate day trip destination: “a little bit of heaven” (Credit: Eli Cohen)

The quaint town of Wimberley, Texas has always been a magical place, full of artisan shops and spring-fed waters. I’ve been surprised by how much it has grown over time, as new restaurants, shops, and distilleries pop up. Somehow, the small-town vibe has been preserved.

In my opinion, Wimberley is one of the best tourist destinations in Central Texas. So why not get up early one Saturday or Sunday morning, assemble your crew, and hop in the car for a Texas day trip? If you’re not sure exactly where to start, here are my favorite must-experience places in Wimberley.

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10 Austin Restaurants Open Christmas Day

Geraldine's Open Christmas Day in Austin
Elegant Geraldine’s is one of our favorite Austin restaurants open Christmas Day (Credit: Geraldine’s)

The only thing harder than finding someone who was born and raised in Austin is finding a good restaurant that’s open past midnight on the weekends, or at all on major holidays.

Over Christmas, Austin can feel like a ghost town. If you find yourself in search of sustenance on Dec. 25, then here’s a list of Austin restaurants open Christmas day. Eat, drink, and be merry!

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Austin Classic El Alma Is Interior Mexican Cuisine at Its Finest

Homemade Tortillas El Alma Austin
Come on in; the tortillas are warm and delicious

In the heart of Austin, at the corner of Barton Springs Road and Dawson, sits a funky, white building with an eclectic ’60s vibe. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s not the house of some famous local artist or musician. It’s home to one of the best interior Mexican food restaurants in Austin, for 11 years and counting.

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How to Have a Perfect Day Trip to Boerne, Texas

Ye Kendall Inn Boerne Texas
I had an eclectic good time in Boerne, Texas

The charming town of Boerne, Texas, lies less than two hours southwest of Austin. It’s right in the heart of Hill Country, but you’ll find much more than sweeping views when you visit.

Here are my favorite activities, food, and drink I discovered during the 48 hours I recently spent in Boerne.

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Best SXSW Panels of 2019 That Featured Awesome Austinites

Brooklyn Decker Best SXSW Panels with Austinites

SXSW was alive with local talent like model and app developer Brooklyn Decker, who won the Rising Star Award at 2019 Texas Film Awards

Austin is a wonderful boiling pot of techies, film directors, musicians, fashionistas, and foodies and Austinites represented that mix well at SXSW 2019. Here are the best SXSW panels of 2019 featuring locals who touched on all things business, food, fashion, and tech in our capital city.

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