UT Open House – The Biggest Open House In Texas

Hook ‘em baby! This Saturday is the Explore UT Open House!

That’s right folks the University of Texas is opening its doors to the world. Touted as “The Biggest Open House In Texas” on the UT website, this event is sure to please.

People of all ages will be descending upon the UT Campus Saturday March 3rd from 11am-5pm to explore all that UT has to offer.

But this is more than just an open house… so read on Longhorn fanatic and get ready to get immersed in some burnt orange culture.

UT is huge, and there are so many things to see on Saturday that even though the official open house starts at 11, the activities really start at 9am.

There are over 400 programs that are taking place on campus, let’s look at some of the highlights of this year’s event:

LBJ Library and Museum – 9am – Replica of the Oval Office, life-sized realistic President Johnson who actually moves as he tells stories to the visitors.


Perry-Castaneda Library – 9am – Largest library at UT with all sorts of books, media, databases and more.


Scavenger hunt – 10am – Meet at the Littlefield Fountain and take off on a clue-filled scavenger hunt around campus.  Learn about the history of UT along the way.  Tour guides are available to lead the hunt for families with children.


Texas Memorial Museum  – 10am – Dinosaur fossils, meteorites and more. Check out some cool bugs and learn how they are taking over the world.  Explore Darwin’s theory of evolution and much more.


Dolph Briscoe Center for American History – 9am – Become a private investigator and find clues in documents to solve a mystery, create a historical mask and impress your friends, challenge each other on vintage 80s video game consoles!  Say it… Say it… SEGA!!


Campus walking tour – top of every hour – leaving from the Rally area on the west mall.  A student will walk you around campus and show you the glory that is UT.


Children’s International Festival – all day – A cultural extravaganza on the South Mall.  Experience the magnificence of our worldwide neighbors.  Make a medieval costume, create a Russian puppet, get your face painted in the African tradition and more.


March with the Longhorn Band – Join the band at 5pm – Dean Keaton Street and IH-35 next to the “bubble”… meet up with the band and march to the Tower for the Explore UT photo.


Speedway Mall Festival – All day – Rock climb, and explore a 40ft trailer filled with super cool science exhibits.


Tour the Tower – 11am – 4:30pm – Free tour of the UT Tower.  Space is limited to 20 people per tour group.  30 minutes per tour so get there early!


So fellow Austinot’s get your Longhorns gear on and raise the Hook ‘em sign!  The eyes of Texas are upon you my friend, time to put your eyes back on Texas.  For a fully detailed listing of events and to get around the open house, click HERE.


((Photo credits:  grabadonut (LBJ Library), Kelly Cree (Perry-Castaneda Library), Matthew Hutchins (Scavenger Hunt), Diganta Talukdar (Insect), Jacob Metcalf (Vintage 80s Video Game), Shane Pope (UT Tower Fireworks), Andre Niemimaki (Medieval Children), Kari Sullivan (UT Longhorn Band), James Emery (Rock Climbing Kid), Kumar Appaiah (UT Tower – Day), aaronisnotcool (UT mascot – Featured Image))

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