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Casa Brasil brings passion and knowledge to every cup of coffee

Casa Brasil: Austin Coffee Roaster Making Global Connections

Uchi, Uchiko, Lenoir, and Torchy's Tacos have something in common (other than being wildly successful eateries in Austin): they all source their coffee from Casa Brasil. Austin coffee roaster Casa Brasil has evolved into an organization committed to finding, roasting and selling high quality coffees from Brazil. But with so many similar outfits in town, why should you pay … [Read More]

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Best Fried Chicken in Austin

7 Great Spots to Get Fried Chicken in Austin

Crispy, chewy and juicy, fried chicken is the perfect comfort food. Whether you're diving in by the bucketful or chomping on some wings, digging into deep fried goodness never goes out of style. Austin is no stranger to the art of oil, breading or poultry, so … [Read More]

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