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Selfie Spots in Austin

Top 5 Selfie Spots in Austin

Selfies have taken the place of scrapbooks. Now we have a million outlets we can use to let everyone know what we’re doing at every moment of our totally awesome vacations and stay-cations. Selfies are the official modern day method of letting everyone know where you’ve been and how good you looked doing it. Austin is no exception. Here are five of the best spots to get your … [Read More]


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Food & Drink

NadaMoo! scoops (Photo Credit Emily Watkins)

Move Over, Blue Bell! NadaMoo Is Coming Through

When I found out I was allergic to dairy, I was devastated. No more lattes, no more caprese salads and--worst of all--no more ice cream. Until I found NadaMoo! I don’t dare tell people it’s vegan ice cream because there is still a stigma that vegan = no … [Read More]

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