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Guide to the Ultimate Dog Friendly Day in Austin

Meet Mr. Ming. It’s been a long, harsh winter for this pampered Pekingese. The weather has been rainy. The squirrels are all hibernating. He’s hasn't had a hair cut in months. But now that spring has sprung, it’s time for Mr. Ming to head out on the town for a day of fun, sun and luxury. Is your dog feeling the winter blues? Let’s follow in Mr. Ming’s paw prints as he checks … [Read More]



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4 Favorite Spots for the Best Guacamole in Austin

It's a constant search. Many dinners have started out in disappointment when the guacamole appetizer was not up to par. Many servers have looked at me in confusion when I ask what's in their guac. Usually, that's a tell-tale sign their guacamole is nothing too … [Read More]

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