Party in Austin at The GiveBak to Benefit HOPE for Senegal Project

Bak It Up 2012 Feedbak PartyAt the Austinot, we’re invited to a ton of parties and events. Few groups we’ve found know how to throw down a party like the fine folks behind The FeedBak.

This Friday, November 30th, The FeedBak is celebrating their 2nd year anniversary at Hotel Vegas with what promises to be an awesome party called The GiveBak. As usual, The FeedBak has a great charity that they’re supporting, and the event should be off the chain!

What is The FeedBak?

The FeedBak is a locally-run website that offers Austinites the unique opportunity to share their personal perspective on the local party scene.

The website encourages party attendees and organizers to share stories, anecdotes, rants and observations about the local club and bar scene, then engage in discussion with others about the way the night really went down.

From the “About” section of

We’ve all embarked on the crazy adventure that is the nightlife at some point. The bars. The clubs. The crowd. The music. The drinks. We all have our stories. All kinds of stories. Funny, ridiculous, even sometimes painful. The FeedBak was created for you to tell your story.

How The GiveBak Party is Making a Difference

Senegal Children Support The Feedbak Austin

Children in Senegal giving a shout-out to The Feedbak

For their 2nd year anniversary, The FeedBak invites you to attend The GiveBak, which is supporting The HOPE for Senegal Project.

Recently featured in the Huffington Post, The HOPE for Senegal Project raises money to improve education in one of the largest high schools in Senegal. HOPE’s various projects include providing necessary equipment for educational programs, and medicine for the school nurse.

Senegal in west Africa has a population of 12.5 million. According to the Huffington Post article by Mary Pauline Lowry, 1.8 million of them live on less than $0.50 per day. Lowry also states that, for the cost of an average mani-pedi that someone might get here in America, a Senegalese student could go to school for a year.

For Bak Zoumanigui, founder of The FeedBak, this hits very close to home. Originally from Senegal himself, most of his family still lives there.

The FeedBak 2-Year Anniversary Party: The GiveBak

The FeedBak Austin

There is an African Proverb which says, “Whoever comes last drinks muddy water.”

So don’t wait, get your tickets now and join the Austinot crew for this awesome night with purpose.

  • Venue: Hotel Vegas
  • Time: 10PM-2AM
  • Supporting: The HOPE for Senegal Project

Featuring DJ Chicken George and DJ Kid Slyce, a Flash Mob dance, a performance from a professional African dancer, a silent auction, raffles and food. You don’t want to miss this event!

Ticket prices are:

  • $5: Entry
  • $10: Entry +1 raffle ticket
  • $15: Entry +1 raffle ticket + food by Cazamance

All prices go up after 11 PM. Tickets are available here.

Special thanks to the following businesses that gotten behind The GiveBak to make this event possible:

Salon Hue, Hangar, Six Lounge, Dance Austin Studio, Cap City Comedy, Hudson on Fifth, Swift’s Attic, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Third Base Sports Bar, Sanjay N Patel and Inspired Cullinary.

The Feedbak Party Brittany and Eric Highland

We’re big fans of The Feedbak’s parties – come see us this Friday!

Like we said, we know few groups in Austin that throw down a party like Bak and company, so we hope you’ll give this event a shot and join us Friday night. You’re sure to have a great time and you’ll be supporting a great cause at the same time.

If you still need some inspiration, here’s The Feedbak’s Summer party at Medusa Jellyfish Lounge:

@EricHighland asks:

Have you ever been to a party put on by The FeedBak?


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  • Bak Z.

    Thanks for this great article! Want to learn our Flash Mob dance? Watch this instructional video! It’s fun and easy. See you all tomorrow night!

  • Obi Ariguzo

    Wow, really great article! This Friday’s party will be amazing, have already heard from a large number of people going to attend

    • Eric Highland

      Seriously the last party the FeedBak threw was awesome. Looking forward to this one myself.