Rockers in Skirt the Issue Are Austin’s Musicians to Watch

Austin, Texas is the place small-time bands go if they want to become big time… so long as they’ve got talent.

As such, music-loving Austinites have to wage a kind of bet when going out to hear live music.

Coffee shops, venues and bars – every cover charge is a bet on whether or not you’ll be the person who “saw so-and-so before they made it big.”  Play your cards right, and you’ll be filthy rich with hipster cred by 2015.

Personally, I tend to break even on these gambles. Sometimes I lose. Occasionally, though, the investment pays off and I see a band who has the talent and drive to make a name for itself. This is one of those times. Let me introduce you to Skirt the Issue.

 Who Are These Guys?

Have you ever wondered, what if Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd three-way adopted a music baby?

I know I have. 

If you have as well, I’ve got good news.

Skirt the Issue is composed of four musicians: Doug Frazier (vocals, rhythm guitar & harmonica), John Humphrey (lead guitar, vocals), Alex Kane (bass) and Mike Krieger (drums, vocals).

Their powers combined to form an Austin-based progressive psych rock band in late 2011. Despite being less than a year old, Skirt the Issue has been recording and playing shows nonstop. I caught them play at the Dirty Dog bar on 6th St., and my face was promptly melted by pure rock. They had the entire crowd dancing and rocking out half a song in.

The cover of Skirt the Issue’s self-titled LP

They played a ton of original material and combined it with flawless versions of classic rock songs. There was some Black Sabbath, and even a 15 minute-long Led Zeppelin medley.

Want Your Face Melted Too?

Skirt the Issue currently has one self-titled LP that  features some of the the most rockingist, rollingist music on the Austin scene today. Better yet, I’ll hook you up with a couple songs right here. This one is called Everybody Knows:

Keep an ear out for the heavy psych influence in this song. The harmonies soar from high to low pitch, showing off the band’s impressive musical range. All the while, the drums carry the song with a complex beat that I can’t help but air drum along with.

If you dig what you hear, be sure to check out one of Skirt the Issue’s many live shows. The band has enough talent to rock out an entire theater. But, if you’re lucky, you can catch an intimate show before they get too big for downtown Austin.

Check ’em out and you’ll definitely hear more songs like Everybody Knows. But you’ll also hear Skirt the Issue pull a few tricks out of their musical bag.

Here’s a an online exclusive to show you what I mean. It’s called So Many Stars:

Where Can I Hear More?

There are a few ways to enjoy more Skirt the Issue. First, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. From there, you can hear their music online for free and purchase an album.

Also, be sure to hit up a live show before ticket prices get too high. You can see Skirt the Issue live for five bucks on September 26 at ND Studios downtown.

Remember the name (and clever pun)


@DustyVegas asks:

What do you think of Skirt the Issue?


  • Lynn Drastik DeLoach

    Nice article on these guys! My band and I have had the pleasure of playing with them at the Dirty Dog, 512 Bar, and Headhunters. They’re all over the place, happy to see them getting some recognition. They deserve it big time.

    • Dustin Vegas

      Totally, Lynn. They played a great show at the Dirty Dog, and I’d love to see them again. What’s the name of your band, and when did you play with Skirt The Issue?