Austinot Music Podcast, Ep. #4: The Hereticks

This week I am featuring a high-energy Austin band named the Hereticks on the Austinot Music Podcast. Straight out of West Campus, the Hereticks started making music in Spring of 2011. Three of the four members met while living in Pearl Street Co-op, which is somewhat of a haven for musicians and artists west of UT.

The Hereticks are: Ofer Shouval (guitar, vocals), Wesley Maffly-Kipp (bass, vocals), Will Johnson (guitar, vocals), and Peter Farago (Drums).

It’s hard to classify the music these guys create. Officially the band claims to be indie, but that label isn’t enough to capture the band’s wide range. Their music exhibits a lot of dance-rock overtones, yet other songs hit hard with a heavy punk rock feel. Every song is meticulously designed to get you out of your seat and moving. The Hereticks is certainly not a sit-down kind of band.

The Hereticks tend to write melodic, high-energy rock music, with a lot of focus on song construction. They have made a reputation for themselves through their complex music and live shows. It’s as if the members have vowed to keep their audience grooving all night, refusing them a chance to breathe. Be sure to stop by one of their many shows in the Austin area. You can catch them playing at places like Beale Street Tavern and Hole in the Wall. Check their Facebook page HERE for their upcoming dates.

Recently The Hereticks have dropped their first EP, The Cause, with Evan Kaspar at Ohm Studios in Austin. You can download it for free HERE at the band’s Bandcamp page. Another album is currently in the works, and the guys hope to get in the studio in the near future.


(Photos and songs are property of The Hereticks)


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  • Guest

    The Hereticks are one hell of a rockin’ band! 😀

    • Austinot Dustin

      Yeah they are! They’ve got a lot of moxy, those guys. Have you been to a live show?

      • Guest

        Yep, they’re good live! The drummer is has sweet skills. 

  • Ofer

    Hey all, If you enjoyed this podcast, come see us play at beale street tavern on thursday with Hammock on the beach and berkshire hounds. Also phenominal bands.

  • Carrie

    i saw these guys at a co-op party, and they were SLAMMIN’! thanks for the post!

    • Brittany Highland

      You got it, Carrie! Thanks for the comment.