Austin Music Foundation: Amazing & Free Resource for Austin Musicians

Austin musicians and bands, listen up. You want to make music because you can’t imagine doing anything else with your life…right? But you’re facing a dilemma that all aspiring musicians confront: how the heck do you make a full-time living doing what you love?

The Austin Music Foundation Supports Local Austin Musicians

Austin Music Foundation

What if you knew of a state-of-the-art resource center that was 100% free, focused solely on helping Austin-area musicians realize their dreams, and make money doing it?

It exists, and it’s called the Austin Music Foundation.

If you are passionate about your music, hoping to make a full-time living as a musician, and humble enough to take advice and direction from professionals who have made it in the industry, then read on.

Austin Music Foundation Offices

The office of the Austin Music Foundation

Austin Music Foundation: Creative Media Center

Imagine receiving one-on-one mentoring with someone who makes a living off royalties. Someone who has already walked a few miles down the road you’re on. Someone who doesn’t have to hang out with you, but chooses to out of an irrepressible love for music.

The Austin Music Foundation’s Creative Media Center connects local musicians with music industry pros who are passionate about music in Austin, offering free professional advice on the business side of music.

Any musician or band that is serious about their craft would be blind as a bat under the Congress Avenue Bridge not to see the value in this.

Bands plateau, we get that. But how do you get to the next level? What is holding you back? Is it lack of knowledge about artist development, booking and touring services, production, licensing, promotions, social media, your website?

Austin Music Foundation Consulting

Creative Media Center Director Alex Vallejo with Austinot Brittany

When you sign up for a consulting session at Austin Music Foundation’s Creative Media Center, they’ve got all the bases covered. You can schedule a one-on-one session, or bring the whole band down. The Austin Music Foundation exists to help Austin musicians and they are funded by the city, through grants and public donations, so don’t let $ hold you back from visiting for your first consulting session.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

I know it may be hard to believe, but it’s truly the love of music that propels the folks at the Austin Music Foundation to do what they do.

Austin Music Foundation: Music Industry Collaborative

Want to connect with other music industry professionals in a small group setting? The Austin Music Foundation has another program called the Music Industry Collaborative Program (MIC), which may be right up your alley.

This program is designed for musicians and band managers who are willing to do the work required to grow a successful career in the music industry.

With free monthly workshops and panels, Music Industry Collaborative provides an incredible opportunity for all Austin-area musicians who are serious about their craft. Why go it alone? Why not lean on the expertise of others, meeting and collaborating with other local music professionals to realize your collective dreams?

A panel of musicians at the Austin Music Foundation

Austin Music Foundation panel (Credit:

Let’s face it. Musicians are…well…musicians. But any full-time musician will tell you that you have to learn the business side of the house in order to succeed.

Unless you want to be living out of the back of your broken down hooptie and hocking t-shirts to pay for gas to get to the next gig, you know I’m right.

Maybe you have a band manager who needs to hone his or her skills in order to help your band. Maybe you just want to know more about how to become involved in the Austin music industry. Either way, this program is one of the best in the nation. And just in case I wasn’t clear before, it’s free!

The Music Industry Collaborative program is applicant based, but open to anyone looking to gain more knowledge about the business side of the industry. MIC offers a set of classes that focus on the full range of “core skill areas” that music entrepreneurs need, so why not give it a shot?

Austin Music Foundation: Leaders in Austin Music Program

Maybe you are already an established influencer, a mover and shaker in the music industry here in Austin. You’ve read what the Austin Music Foundation is all about and you want to get connected. The Austin Music Foundation has a program for you called the Leaders In Austin Music.

Through this program, you’ll have the opportunity to network with other leaders, collaborate on projects, and familiarize yourself with the resources that Austin Music Foundation offers.

As leaders in the music industry in Austin, you will continue to propel the worldwide reputation Austin has as the Live Music Capital of the World.

Austin Music Foundation FAQ

Austin Music Foundation event poster

A typical poster for an event by the Austin Music Foundation for local area musicians

Q: Are Austin Music Foundation programs really free? No strings attached?
A: Yep.

Q: How can they be free? Where does the Austin Music Foundation get its funding?
A: The Austin Music Foundation is a non-profit organization. It is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin, through the Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services Office/Cultural Arts division, and also through donations from people who believe in the growth of the Austin music scene.

Q: This program rocks. How do I donate?
A: Right on! You can donate to the Austin Music Foundation here.

Q: Where are their offices located?
A: The Austin Music Foundation is located at SoundCheck (at Austin Studios), 1903 E 51st Street. But you’ll want to see this map.

Q: What an awesome resource! How do I book my first consulting appointment at the Creative Media Center?
A: To book a consulting appointment, send an email to Jennifer.

Q: Great article Eric, but I still have more questions. Where can I get more info?
A: Glad you asked. Check out the Austin Music Foundation website here.

Austin Music Foundation: Exclusive Journey of a Band

This article started when I learned about two incredible local resources for the Austin music scene: Austin Music Foundation and Black Fret.

Black Fret Austin

Black Fret, an Austin non-profit that supports local musicians with monetary grants

There is one man who is involved in both of these programs, a man by the name of Colin Kendrick. Colin introduced me to Kellie Goldstein, Executive Director of the Austin Music Foundation, at the launch party for Black Fret. We all hung out and talked awhile. It was immediately obvious to me that the Austinot needed to help spread the word about these two resources that people interested in Austin music really need to know about.

Yuma Band in Austin TX

Yuma, an Austin Band that is tapping into the resources provided by the Austin Music Foundation (Photo by John-Michael Rohret and Tyler Speicher)

I came up with an idea to chronicle one band’s journey, and how Austin Music Foundation and Black Fret helped take the band to “the next level.”

I had to find a band that was on the cusp of hitting their next professional benchmark, and I did so with a local band called Yuma. The boys of Yuma just took home First Place in the Recording Conservatory of Austin’s Unsigned Artist Competition 2013 at Stubb’s. I look forward to sharing Yuma’s story through upcoming articles here on the Austinot.


Eric Highland asks:

Do you have any questions at all about the Austin Music Foundation or Black Fret? Comment below. Both organizations are watching this post.


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