SoCo’s Hotel San Jose Holds Charm for Austin Locals

Hotel San Jose Austin

Ivy-covered facade at Hotel San Jose (Credit: Bunkhouse Group)

You may be familiar with Hotel San Jose, or its big red Jeep parked out front, or the famous Jo’s coffee shop which sits in the hotel’s parking lot. But did you know you can listen to live music at the San Jose? Did you know you can have your tarot cards read at the San Jose? And most importantly, did you know you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy these events or to simply hang out in the lounge and bar area? Yes, you read that right. One of the best kept secrets in Austin is [Read more...]

Special Access to 20 Texas Fashion Designers at Design Lab

Linda Asaf Founder of Design Lab

Linda Asaf, Design Lab Founder

The Oasis has always been known to Austin as a restaurant for its great drinks and amazing views. A few years ago after the restaurant recovered from its 2005 fire, The Oasis expanded with a whole shopping center that now includes stores, a winery and a craft brewery. The newest addition is a new boutique store called Design Lab.

Design Lab was founded by Austin designer, Linda Asaf. The fashion venue features 20 diverse Texas designers whose creations range between jewelry, eyewear, children’s clothing, as well as apparel for men and women. “It’s all about promoting Texas designers,” Asaf explans. “We celebrate the best designers in Texas. It’s a platform for designers who don’t have their own storefront to sell here and to test new [Read more...]

Have You Seen This Colorful Surprise on UT’s Rooftop?

Skyspace UT Austin

James Turrell, Interior of The Color Inside, 2013. Photo by Florian Holzherr. Courtesy of Landmarks, the public art program of The University of Texas at Austin.

Guest article by Kelli McDonald

The Experience

When a bird flew inches above our oval cutout, some of us gasped and then laughed at our response. Our slowly changing focal point had shifted suddenly and shot us out of a relaxed, contemplative state and back to the reality that we were staring at something ever-changing, yet accessible: the sky.

If you haven’t visited James Turrell’s Skyspace titled The Color Inside, you may not understand the full thrill of the bird sighting. Turrell’s art piece is an incredible permanent space located on the rooftop of the Student Activity Center on UT’s campus. The Color Inside was commissioned by Landmarks, UT’s public art program, and describing the piece isn’t an easy task. [Read more...]

SprATX: The Collective and Business Behind Austin Graffiti

Spratx artist Sweet at HOPE Gallery

Your author and her man at “Olive You” by SprATX artist Sweet

Art is represented in many ways within a city, from traditional art museums and historical buildings to theater and music. Graffiti, however, hasn’t always been accepted as a viable art form and has often been stigmatized.

But here in Austin where murals are a plenty, graffiti has transformed into street art, and a mural is a must if you are looking to be Austin. And thank goodness for that because art lives in the soul of every city.

Austin’s weird and eccentric vibe is what draws people in, but it’s also most at risk of changing as people continue to move here. At the forefront of keeping this creative energy alive in Austin through street art is a small group of people known as SprATX.

SprATX is unique in that it’s both a collective of artists and a business. The lines are often blurred, but the end results are the same – SprATX makes art [Read more...]

6 Steps to Become an Extra in Austin

Being an Extra in Austin

Being an extra in Austin takes perseverance, but it can also be extremely rewarding

This guest article is by J. Alan Nelson.

If you’re an egoist, this could be a cure for you.

If you’re shy, this could be a cure for you.

If you don’t like people, this is not for you.

If you like people, do it now. Be an extra. Or, as some insist, a background artist.

It’s okay if you’ve never acted. It’s okay if you were the bumblecat without lines in the third grade play The Nonsense Man.

Don’t worry if you’re plain or ugly. Don’t worry if you’re obese or emaciated. Don’t worry if you have a bump on your nose, funny hair or a scar on your face. Those characteristics make you unique.

In fact, sometimes, beauty can hinder you. On one set that was using a few extras for the day’s shot, the director decided not to [Read more...]

4 Extreme Activities for Austinites Seeking Adventure

This guest article is by Rachel Powell.

Austin is home to extreme activities that offer players and participants the chance to experience hidden gems that make even the local-est of locals exclaim, “I never knew that was there!”

These activities are more than just satiation for the adrenaline junkie. Almost unanimously, they speak to deeper needs of the soul, showing people they are capable of more than they ever thought.

Go Back to the Future Aboard a Hover Craft

Fly Lake Austin Fly Boarding

Fly boarding on Lake Austin (Credit: Fly Lake Austin)

If you’ve been on Lake Austin and seen something that Marty McFly might use to get around in the future, stop rubbing your eyes – you’re not mistaken. The device is called a fly board, and it’s quite literally taking off right here in Austin. [Read more...]

BatBox: Receive Local Goodies in a Box Every Month

Batbox Austin Logo

BatBox logo designed by Delicious Creative

When my friend Amber announced she was starting a new company, Austin BatBox, I was confused by the product. But the more I knew what a “bat box” was, the cooler it sounded.

BatBox is a monthly subscription box service that delivers 4-5 curated collections of Austin made products every month for $25. “It’s putting Austin in a box,” owner Amber Golightly describes. “Whenever you hear the saying ‘you could put it in a bottle and sell it,’ that’s what I’m doing. I’m putting Austin in a box for people.” [Read more...]

10 Most Amazing Rooftop Photos of Austin You’ll Ever See

200 feet above Rainey Street, the traffic on I-35 doesn’t seem quite as bad. Almost tranquil even. I am following one of Austin’s most daring rooftop photographers as he makes his way across the roof of a Rainey Street highrise.

Rooftop Photos of Austin JW Marriott

This image was captured solo using a tripod with a 15 second exposure. On the unfinished JW Marriott looking westward.

[Read more...]

Austin Park N Pizza Revitalized for Families

Austin Park and Pizza New Pizza Recipe

New pizza recipes and a larger salad bar are part of the revitalization (Credit: Austin Park N Pizza)

Austin Park N Pizza is passionate about their brand and reputation. They’ve recently made some big changes to drive that point home.

New Management, New Vision

Sean Milberger recently took the reigns as general manager of Austin Park N Pizza, and he’s made bold moves to update the menu and attractions. I recently had the opportunity to visit Austin Park N Pizza and see the changes myself. [Read more...]

Top 10 Austin Date Ideas: Summer and Fall Edition

Downtown Austin Texas

Date ideas abound in Austin if you know where to look (Credit: Hunter Pontious)

This guest blog article is by Callie Musick.

Austin is known for being one of the best cities for singles, making it a city full of first dates and hopefully many others afterward.

Beyond the singles dating scene, anyone in a relationship has probably experienced how easy it is to get caught in a routine of go-to date night spots. Whether you’re craving something new with your current SO (significant other) or looking for an impressive first date idea, here are a few local suggestions that break the typical dinner-and-drinks mold. [Read more...]