Local Businesses Support Mind and Body on Airport Blvd

Local Businesses Airport Blvd

Austin is full of hidden treasures. Advertised primarily by word of mouth and catering to a devoted clientele, the cluster of businesses on the corner of E 38 1/2 St and Airport Blvd is one such treasure. With a holistic synergy, these locally owned services offer one-stop shopping to nourish the body and mind.

Here’s a look at six businesses that make up this unique community. [Read more…]

Top 5 Selfie Spots in Austin

Selfies have taken the place of scrapbooks. Now we have a million outlets we can use to let everyone know what we’re doing at every moment of our totally awesome vacations and stay-cations. Selfies are the official modern day method of letting everyone know where you’ve been and how good you looked doing it. Austin is no exception. Here are five of the best spots to get your selfie on in Austin.

#1 Pennybacker Bridge Selfie

Austin Pennybacker Bridge Selfie

Looking good at Pennybacker Bridge

I’d like to introduce you to Perry Hoskin. He’s the ripped gentleman on the left. He politely accepted my invitation to take a selfie here, just north of the Pennybacker Bridge, more commonly known as the 360 Bridge. Perry didn’t look like this before he hiked up the gravely path. He used to fit in that shirt. [Read more…]

SUAVS Shoes: Your Sole’s Mate

SUAVS Shoes Jo's Coffee Austin

Monxi Garza SUAVS Shoes

SUAVS Shoes owner, Monxi Garza

While living and studying in Madrid, Monxi Garza, local designer and creator of SUAVS Shoes, couldn’t find a shoe that met her needs. Basically, she wanted a Prince Charming for her feet, a shoe that was missing from storefronts, but resided in her imagination and on graph paper.

She wanted to create a shoe that would check every box on a lengthy list of requirements–a shoe that both men and women could wear. It had to be functional, flexible, breathable and stylish. She wanted a slip-on that didn’t require socks, one that could seamlessly take someone from meandering cobblestone streets to twirling on a dance floor. The shoe’s versatility had to keep up with the demands that often accompany work, while keeping toes happy past midnight tapas. And lastly, Monxi’s perfect foot companion had to be attractive. [Read more…]

Round Rock Express: The Ball Club I Didn’t Know I Needed

Round Rock Express Baseball at Dell Diamond

View of the Round Rock Express from right field

Let’s talk sports. As a huge sports fan from Boston, I’ve had a rough go as of late. I mean, this is a tough time of year for sports in general, being that all we have right now is baseball and golf (no offense, tennis). It doesn’t help that my Red Sox are sitting pretty much in last place and every time I say “Boston,” someone throws a hissy fit about deflated footballs. That’s another story and I’m not allowed to swear here, so let’s move on.

Anyway, the bottom line is I’ve needed some sort of competitive sporting event to get me by during these hard times. Luckily, Austin is home to the Round Rock Express, a minor league baseball affiliate of the Texas Rangers. I caught a game this past weekend and, beyond the game itself, the entire experience was incredibly enjoyable and just what I needed. [Read more…]

Step by Step Guide to Austin’s Long Anticipated Violet Crown Trail

Shaded path on Violet Crown Trail

A large part of the beauty of Violet Crown Trail is its varied landscape – While some sections are smooth and shady, like this, others are rockier and hilly (Credit: Hanna Cofer)

How’d you like to hike, run and bike your way across 30 miles of pathway connecting central Austin to Hays County? Thanks to Violet Crown Trail, local nature lovers will soon be able to do just that. [Read more…]

Unfurl Your Apron and Get Cooking with Metier Cook’s Supply

Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher of Metier Cook Supply

Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher
(Credit: Jody Horton)

If coq au vin and E.Dehillerin make your heart flutter, and if cookbooks, copper and cast iron make you weak in the knees, you’re in luck. Those who appreciate the art of cooking, rejoice! A slice of nirvana exists in Austin that will leave your kitchen fancies fulfilled: Métier Cook’s Supply.

This shop is a labor of love for husband and wife owners, Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher. Neither are new to the world of culinary arts. In January 2012, the couple opened Lenoir, a small restaurant with an enchanting outdoor wine garden.

Then one year ago, the couple opened Métier Cook’s Supply next door to complement Lenoir. In their words, “Our goal is to help people enjoy cooking with great products and helpful knowledge on how to use them. We want to help folks find [Read more…]

I Just Did Sensory Deprivation and Spaced Out at Liquid Floats

sensory deprivation tank at liquid floats

Sensory deprivation tank at Liquid Floats

You ever just want to wake up at 6:30 AM on a Sunday, strip naked and lock yourself in a pitch black, soundproof tank filled with water for an hour and a half? I know, right? Sounds so good.

Well, that’s exactly what happened at the newly opened Liquid Floats in North Austin. And what did I do while trapped inside what’s referred to as a sensory deprivation tank? Nothing. That’s right – I just lay there, floating in about 10 inches of Epsom salt-filled water, and did nothing. Believe it or not, it just might have been the craziest and most interesting 90 minutes I’ve spent in a long time. [Read more…]

Gully Cat Tattoo: Inking Austin Since 2003

Gully Cat Tattoo Door Sign

Gully Cat Tattoo, located at 2006 South 1st Street in Austin

Austin is the nation’s hub for individual expression and creativity. We don’t erase graffiti; we make landmarks and t-shirts out of it. We listen to passionate local music. We eat food with personality. We drink beer with soul.

We love creative expression so much, we even wear it on our skin. Live here long enough, and you’ll forget until you go out of town that Austin tattoos are as common as Austin breakfast tacos.

Gully Cat Tattoo has accommodated Austin’s lust for creative expression for 14 years and Mike Terrell–shop owner and Austin native–has been a tattoo artist for nearly two decades. His little shop is just what you’d hope to find on South 1st: a colorful old home turned into a business. This local business adds to the funky vibe that makes South Austin what it is. [Read more…]

Love the Outdoors? Want to Meet People? Try EPIC

Lady Bird Lake Kayaking and Riverboat

Outdoor lifestyle on Lady Bird Lake (Credit: Hill Country Conservancy)

One of the best ways to make connections in any city is to find folks who share your passion. If you love Austin’s outdoor lifestyle, meeting up with EPIC may be the path to finding a new circle of friends.

They’ll also guide you to Austin’s newest trail. [Read more…]