Austin Music Equipment Rental Company Supports Community

LoudMouth Rentals Music Equipment

LoudMouth Rentals offers music equipment for rent at rates everyday musicians can afford

Guest article by Gina Sigillito

When musicians, music professionals and music lovers walk into the newly-built, enormous, guitar and gear-filled space of LoudMouth Rentals in Northeast Austin, they are instantly hit by the feeling that something special is coming alive.

With enough room for several small stages and enough amps, drums, and lighting equipment to put on a large concert, it’s about to get noisy in this neighborhood, in the best way.

Located in the burgeoning area sprouting up along [Read more…]

Austin Brewery Tours Highlight City’s Growing Industry

Jesse and Andrew from ATXcursions

Jesse and Andrew of ATXcursions (Credit: ATXcursions)

When I was offered a chance to check out ATXcursions, Austin’s newest craft brewery tour company, I jumped at the opportunity. Austin has one of the fastest growing beer scenes in the nation and quality beer is popping up in every corner, so I figured I was bound to have a good time. I love being right. [Read more…]

You Wanna Be Crafty? Better Do What You Can and Bead It!

Bead It Storefront on S Lamar

Welcome to Bead It on S Lamar

Show how funky strong your style is at Bead It. Baskets and bowls of beads cover table after table, while strings of jewelry hang on the wall like sparkling tapestries. Everything is arranged by color or grouped with like items to inspire and create a beautiful house of delicate trinkets.

Visit this South Austin shop to discover a vast array of beads to take home, or stay for a jewelry design class. Classes range from beginner to advanced, but every participant leaves with a creation of their own making. [Read more…]

Be a BookPeople Person at Texas’ Largest Indie Bookstore

BookPeople Children's Area Mural

Colorful mural in BookPeople’s children’s area

BookPeople is a literary playground. Who needs a slide when there’s a Happy Hour book club and a maze of quirkily decorated shelves, each laden with new worlds to discover?

You may not be familiar with the BookPeople name because of its status as an independent bookstore. But its success is immediately apparent by its three story building located right across from Whole Foods and Waterloo Records on 6th Street. In fact, BookPeople is the largest independent bookstore in the state of Texas and was voted Bookstore of the Year by Publisher’s Weekly back in 2005.

Independent it is, and proud to be local. In fact, local is a critical part of BookPeople’s identity. According to one employee named Will (“They call me Wilbur”), “Being independent, we get to find different ways to interact with the community.” The drive to create opportunities, he said, is how BookPeople has continued to grow in the face of an allegedly dwindling publishing industry. “And it’s a fun place to work,” he added.

Opened in 1970 as “Grok Books” (grok means to fully understand something—a delightful reference to Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein), BookPeople has continued to grow over time as a beloved Austin classic. [Read more…]

Light a Fire and Blow at Hyde Park’s Blue Moon Glassworks

Blue Moon Glassworks

Blue Moon Glassworks in Hyde Park

Tucked neatly into an envelope of leafy boughs in Hyde Park, Blue Moon Glassworks and owner Jim Berry have breathed life into an artistic niche in Austin for more than 14 years.

The store is filled with a colorful and ingenious array of one of a kind glass creations, and today my own unique collection of blown glass ornaments sits among these treasures.

Jim grew up in a home filled with artistic craft projects which he learned to recreate later in life. After retiring, he found himself learning new techniques and even selling pieces, soon setting out with a personal agenda to teach. At that, Blue Moon Glassworks was born. [Read more…]

Rō Fitness: Best Cardio Alternative to Running


Rowing machines out on the deck of Rō Fitness (photo credit Rō Fitness)

Even if you love running, rowing – or better yet the rowing machine – is the best low impact cardio alternative out there. And Rō Fitness is Austin’s only indoor rowing studio.

You’ve probably tried the rowing machines at the gym before with no results. But that’s likely because you were doing it wrong. After taking just one class at Rō Fitness (your first class is free), your workout routine will be changed. [Read more…]

Treat a Friend with Austin Passbook’s BOGO Deals

Austin Passbook

Austin Passbook offers BOGO deals for food trucks and activities

Today marks the launch of a small book that will make your friends want to hang out with you all the time. Austin Passbook is full of buy one, get one free coupons for local businesses in Austin. For this first edition, the focus is on food trucks and activities.

Simple, but fabulous! With Austin Passbook in hand, you can treat a family member or friend to a hip and delicious meal or fun activity in our area.

You can even use Austin Passbook to create a fun and hyperlocal date night. 50% off a meal and activity = date that won’t make your wallet spontaneously combust. [Read more…]

15 Over 15: Which Austin Eateries Have Survived the Years?

Guest article by Edwin Ochoa

It’s no secret that running a restaurant or bar is difficult, especially in Austin. With so many opening every month, only the truly exceptional have what it takes to compete long term. So how admirable is it when an establishment can keep the doors open for 15, 20 or even 50 years?

The purpose of this article is to celebrate 15 restaurants and bars in Austin that have served hungry and thirsty Austinites for 15 years or more. My list comes from Austinites who have lived here long enough to remember when quarter beer night was a thing.

This isn’t a ranking by any means. My goal is to focus on what led to the success of each establishment. To do so, I sat down with someone at each business to get the real story. I’ve included their explanations for the lasting success of their local businesses (spoiler: customers come first). Without further adieu, here are Austin’s 15 over 15.

Ross’ Old Austin Cafe

Ross' Old Austin Cafe

Don’t miss the live music on Tuesdays and Fridays

[Read more…]

Haunted ATX: Austin Streets in Spooky Ride with Freaky Facts

Haunted ATX Hearse

Chris English and the Haunted ATX hearse

Guest article by Kendra Wright

There are multiple ways to experience the weird side of Austin. You can cruise the streets via a Segway, you can catch a ride in a real life Mystery Machine, and now the Austinot has discovered yet another unforgettable approach to exploring our city…and it’s unlike any way you’ve ever seen it before.

What if I told you your next great adventure involves riding in a hearse driven by a blood drawing Phlebotomist and planting your butt checks on the same seat Carl from The Walking Dead once used?

Interested? Read on. [Read more…]

Become a Maker at LeafDistrict Artisan Workshops

LeafDistrict glassblowing workshop

LeafDistrict glassblowing workshop (Credit: Kelli Niewohner)

If you’re tired of routine social activities and want a new way to spend time with friends or reconnect with yourself, the intimate creative workshops shared through LeafDistrict may offer you the perfect solution.

LeafDistrict is a virtual platform that artisans or “makers” use to connect with the community. Created as the brainchild and labor of love by Kelli Niewohner and Nicole Lutz, the website hosts workshops that bring crafts as common as knitting and as wild as glassblowing to those in Austin ready to indulge their creative side or try something new.

These workshops are a fulfilling way to spend your time because there is always something tangible you take [Read more…]