Love the Outdoors? Want to Meet People? Try EPIC

Lady Bird Lake Kayaking and Riverboat

Outdoor lifestyle on Lady Bird Lake (Credit: Hill Country Conservancy)

One of the best ways to make connections in any city is to find folks who share your passion. If you love Austin’s outdoor lifestyle, meeting up with EPIC may be the path to finding a new circle of friends.

They’ll also guide you to Austin’s newest trail. [Read more…]

In Her Shoes: A Sole-ful Guide to Austin

Amanda Tatom Studio512 Austin

Guest article by Amanda Tatom

Everyone knows that Austin has a style all its own. From the bars on 6th Street to the bleachers of DKR, a mix of creativity and southern charm comes out of every sundress, kimono and pair of culots.

But for me, style starts from the ground up. I adore shoes. From the depths of my soul (and soles) I feel a primal desire for shoes that some people understand, and others do not. They are just my “thing.” I love the way a certain pair of shoes can change the way I carry myself or even boost my confidence. I love getting a killer pair of designer heels as much as I love discovering a cool pair of vintage boots tucked away in a nook inside some cute little shop. And I definitely love wearing a favorite pair, having a crazy good time while doing so, and reliving that memory every time I get those shoes back out of the box again. There is no place better than Austin for a blossoming adventuress such as myself to have landed.

As host of Studio512, I bring viewers all of the great things the city has to offer. Oftentimes, that’s done in the studio. But as much as possible, I like to get out and explore the shops, events, parks and restaurants that make Austin the perfect place to call home. So kick your feet up, and take a trip around town in my shoes. [Read more…]

5 Best Ethnic Grocery Stores in Austin for Kitchen Inspiration

Jackfruit at MT Supermarket in Austin, TX

Jackfruit at MT Supermarket

Getting bored cooking the same old dinners week after week? It’s time to spice up your life with exotic food. These five ethnic grocery stores in Austin make it easy for you to try something new, no matter your background or cooking skill level. Nothing can transport you elsewhere quite like the smell of toasting exotic spices filling up your kitchen.

You can buy all the ingredients it takes to make your own curries, sushi, dumplings and mole from scratch at these grocery stores, or you can get products that are mostly already made to enjoy an easy weeknight meal. [Read more…]

Austin Playdate with Comic Ralph Hardesty

Ralph Hardesty JuiceLand in Austin

Playdate with Austin comic Ralph Hardesty

Guest article by Colin Gray

Ralph Hardesty is an up-and-coming standup comic you may have seen at Cap City Comedy Club, ColdTowne Theater and other venues, or co-hosting Greetings From Queer Mountain with comedian Michael Foulk. You may also have seen him in a caftan or witch’s cloak if you’ve attended Gurl’s Night, a gay- and women-focused standup show he co-hosts with Daniel Webb of Obama fist bump fame.

Ralph is very, very funny off stage, but it comes across naturally. You don’t get the sense that’s he’s switching on a persona. He’s comfortable with himself (remember the caftan?) and well adjusted, which is not always the case with comedians (something of an understatement).

We built our playdate around some of his favorite things to do in Austin, and I’ve been promised that with two cups of coffee in his system, I’ll be getting “the full Ralph.” [Read more…]

Oddities Await at Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata

Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata Entrance

Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata entrance in East Austin

In a home off of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in East Austin reside Scott and Jen Webel, owners of the Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata. I remember visiting the museum when I first moved to Austin, and since then it has remained in the back of my mind as an oddity I wanted to learn more about. Where did all of these weird items come from, and why are they in someone’s home? [Read more…]

Laughter Is the Best Medicine: Join the Stand Up Empire

Stand up Comedy at Empire Control Room

All this talk about the changing landscape of the Red River District is enough to make you cry. But there’s something new to the area that can help: stand up comedy.

Austin’s comedy scene has been left largely unexplored by many Austinites. Until now. One of newest open mic nights in town, Stand Up Empire at Empire Control Room & Garage, is proof that Austin’s comedy scene is on the rise. [Read more…]

Dane’s Body Shop Is New Fitness Stop on Manor Road

Dane's Body Shop opens on Manor Road in Austin

The new homegrown gym on Manor Road is right across from local market in.gredients

Austin is known for its good food, live music and hopping bar scene, and existing establishments on Manor Road check each of these boxes.

But there’s another important facet to life in Austin: fitness. Thanks to local boutique gym Dane’s Body Shop’s expansion to 2701 Manor Road, this up and coming eastside city artery will soon have it all. [Read more…]