RSVPster Plans Your SXSW Parties So You Don’t Have To

Busy Sixth Street in Austin

RSVPster helps you navigate the party puzzle during SXSW (Credit: John Rogers via Flickr CC)

Guest article by Lindsey Moringy

If you’re like me and are prone to serious FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out,” as the youths call it), South By Southwest can be a very stressful time of year. Every March, SXSW attracts thousands of music, film and technology enthusiasts from all over the world to participate in much-talked-about concerts, film premieres, interactive events and more. Along with this influx of entertainment and people come hundreds of parties, many of which don’t require any sort of festival credential to attend.

Sounds great, right? This means you can enjoy free SXSW events and parties without having to sell your Volvo in order to purchase a swanky badge.

Well, there is a catch. Most of these parties require an RSVP for entry. [Read more…]

12 Month Guide to the Biggest Austin Events

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Austinites are an active bunch and like to have fun. But with hundreds of fun activities on the calendar, it’s hard to decide which ones to attend.

We have to prioritize which events deserve our time and money. In order to help you start planning and budgeting for 2015, I’ve put together a month by month guide to the biggest Austin events, ranging from free to [Read more…]

StoryCorps Has Arrived in Austin to Preserve Our Stories

StoryCorps MobileBooth Airstream

StoryCorps’ mobile recording studio is in Austin through January 31st

StoryCorps is a national nonprofit which records, preserves and shares stories. The stories come from people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

StoryCorps’ smooth, aluminum Airstream trailer recently arrived in Austin. You’ll see the MobileBooth parked at the Bullock Texas State History Museum (1800 Congress Ave) until January 31, 2015. Inside, the trailer is outfitted with a sleek recording studio.

This unique organization provides access to other peoples’ stories, and they want to hear your story too. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Run in Austin During 2015

Austin is known for its breakfast tacos, music scene and runners. Whether on the Hike and Bike Trail, through the streets of downtown or around your neighborhood, you’re bound to see at least one runner throughout your day.

If you’re the runner, I wouldn’t be surprised if your 2015 resolution is to put more miles on your shoes than you did last year. Austin is home to excellent running clubs, some of the most fun running events in the country and local shops to outfit you.

Here are a 5 ways to step up your running game in Austin during 2015.

Austin Runners Club

Austin Runner's Club at O Henry Middle School in Austin

The view of O. Henry Middle School where Austin Runners Club meets for group runs (Credit: Chris Prairie)

If 2015 is your year to take on a half or full marathon, you should check out Austin Runners Club. This non-profit organization welcomes runners and walkers of all fitness levels and their coaches are some of the best [Read more…]

Best 3 Spots for Creative Austin Nail Art

Collage of Austin Nail Art

From top right: Petunia nails by Nails Y’all, cat portrait by Nails Y’all, snowflake nails by Sarah at Sugarcoat Nails, Maui nails by Sarah, gold and black nails by Michele Nails, bling accent nail by Michele
(Credits: Nails Y’all, Sarah Kane, Michele Nails)

Manicures have moved beyond simple layers of polish and French tips. Particularly in the past five years, products have advanced, artistic barriers have been pushed and nail art has become widespread. Now, clients can get custom, tiny, temporary paintings on their nails along with dense glitters, long-lasting polish and 3-D embellishments.

I wanted to meet some of Austin’s finest nail artists, so I visited Nails Y’all, Sugarcoat Nails and Michele Nails.

Nails Y’all

I met up with Meghann Rosales, known as Nails Y’all, at Russ and Company Salon while she was working on a client’s nails. I realized it could be rather weird of me to sit in on a stranger’s nail appointment, but they were both so welcoming and friendly that my intrusion felt [Read more…]

5 Outstanding Independent Bookstores in Austin

South Congress Books Inside

South Congress Books interior

It’s a community space, haven for collectors, performance venue and political hub. It’s all of these things—and a bookstore.

It’s not enough to simply house books anymore. Instead, independent bookstores in Austin have nestled into niches, attracting local bibliophiles to experience something unique.

Although the future of brick and mortar bookstores is unknown, in Austin there are many independent bookstores that continue to succeed. BookPeople, for instance, is the largest independent bookstore in Texas. But many more businesses have continued to crop up in Austin, proving that bookstores still hold relevance here.

Below are some of the bookstores that give this city character and feed the literary lovers who live here. [Read more…]

3 Gorgeous Hill Country Castles Near Austin

Falkenstein Castle Aerial View

Aerial view of the entire Falkenstein Castle property, straight out of the Bavarian architecture textbook (Credit: Jim Wreyford)

Tucked away in Texas Hill Country, nestled among the hills in our own backyard, there are castles to be found.

These aren’t the enormous kingdom-defending forts our European counterparts built during the Middle Ages, but smaller variations more befitting of their Hill Country setting. What if I told you such majestic structures can be found within a 90 minute drive of Austin? [Read more…]

10 Most Popular Articles of 2014

As the new year begins, we’re taking a moment to look back on 2014 and celebrate the articles our community loved most. Walk with us down memory lane as we present’s 10 most popular articles of 2014.

#10 Top 7 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Austin

Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Burro Cheese Kitchen

Grilled cheese sandwich at Burro Cheese Kitchen (Credit: Bill Tucker)

You’ll enjoy our list best with a local snack in your hand, and we have just the thing you need. We rounded up the best 7 grilled cheese sandwiches in Austin, from greasy spoon joints to [Read more…]

Austin Brands for Your Healthy Lifestyle in the New Year

Whol-E Water

Whol-E Water (Credit: Sam O’Brien)

Tradition proposes that as we wrap up another year, it’s time to put resolutions in place to begin the New Year with a new lease on life.

Although there are many local options, here are three stand-out Austin businesses to help you resolve, refresh and renew your tired routine.

Whol-E Water: The Transparent Choice

Make a lifestyle choice and give your body premium alkaline hydration with Whol-E Water. There is an entire fact-filled scientific theory behind the benefits of the 9.4+ pH water bottled by Whol-E Water, but let me break it [Read more…]

10 Last Minute New Year’s Eve Ideas in Austin

Guest article by Kristella Montiegel

Hark! The coming New Year rings! As the holiday season continues and we relish in plentiful eating, drinking and merry-making, it’s past time to start thinking about your New Year’s Eve plans. The big day is here, and you owe it to yourself to end 2014 off with a bang!, hurrah!, or whichever onomatopoeic word you see fit.

Are you still undecided about your New Year’s Eve festivities? We’ve compiled a list of 10 last minute New Year’s Eve ideas (in no particular order) to celebrate the big night in true Austin style.

#1 Buenos Aires Café

New Year's Eve at Buenos Aires Cafe

Buenos Aires Cafe’s NYE prix fixe Argentine menu will feature unique dishes like faina, a baked garbanzo bread (Credit: Buenos Aires Café)

Immerse yourself in Latin American culture this New Year’s Eve! Indulge in Buenos Aires Café’s tantalizing authentic Argentine food. Their East Side location is hosting a dinner and after party you’re sure to be reminiscing over well into the New Year. [Read more…]