Skinny Dipping, Italian Food and Kayaking on the Austinot Podcast

Kayaking on Lady Bird Lake in Austin

Want insight on the best places to launch a kayak? Listen to this episode of the Austinot Podcast

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Thanks for joining us this week! We’ve had a great time receiving your Austin-related questions on Facebook and Twitter. You spark our curiosity and we really enjoy discovering the answers to your questions, so keep ‘em coming!

These are the questions we picked this week:

  • “What is the best place to skinny dip with friends and not get caught?”
    -Kathleen Victoria Blackwell, Facebook
  • “What are the best Italian restaurants in Austin?” -@LaurenMocny, Twitter
  • “What is the best place to launch a kayak?” -Joey McGirr, Facebook
  • “What is one interesting but little known fact about Austin’s history?”
    -Tyler Edmunds, Facebook
  • “Is there anything fun and free happening outdoors this weekend?”
    -Amy Swanholm, Facebook
  • “Where is a great place to view the bluebells?”
    -Rebecca Belcher Photography, Facebook
Mandola's Italian Market Austin

Mandola’s Italian Market is a local favorite

Our podcast episode is only twelve minutes, so take a listen and learn all about this awesome city we live in.


@QuasiBrit asks:

Do you have anything to add on any of these topics? We’d love to learn more about Austin from you! 


Mandola’s photos via Flickr CC, courtesy of Chelsea Gomez.


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  • 2TourAustin_net

    Okay I have a question for your next podcast…The wife wants to know where the best place to get a chef salad? Best place on a budget?

  • AustinKayak

    Thanks for the shout out!!

  • Scott True

    Enjoyed this one. The skinny dipping caught my attention, but it was the Italian food that I was really interested in. I’m not much of a foodie, but now that I married an Italian, I’m starting to recognize good Italian food. We like Trattoria Lisina in Dripping Springs at Mandola’s Estate and Winery/ Vineyard. The menu is a little different than the other 3 Mandola’s restaurants and the quality is better. Super cool setting/ atmosphere too!

    • Brittany Highland

      Thanks for the insight, @facebook-1527213726:disqus! We did Enoteca Vespaio over the weekend and loved it. Have you been?

  • Polly

    Skinny dipping – used to be Hippy Hollow. Is it still there?

    • Brittany Highland

      @6ea0f660087120546545c42105ab7845:disqus, yes – on Lake Travis.

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