Goodybag Launches Local Loyalty Program With Philanthropic Twist

Goodybag Loyalty Program

Co-founder Jay Panchal demonstrates the Goodybag system with a card and tablet

You’ve probably walked into a local business and seen an iPad by the register, giving you the chance to earn points or save money by swiping a rewards card. There are a handful of these loyalty programs on the move in Austin, but only one of them was founded here: Goodybag.

If you’re the one oddball Austinite opposed to our mantra of “keeping it local,” Goodybag has something else going for it. Every time you “tap in” at a business through Goodybag, 5-10 cents is donated to a local charity of the business’ choice. Ten cents is donated if your Goodybag account is connected to Facebook, five cents if it isn’t.

To date, Goodybag has donated more than $3,000 to Austin Pets Alive!, HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians), Austin Children’s Shelter, Austin Humane Society, Please BE KIND to Cyclists, and Meals on Wheels and More.

Over 250 businesses have partnered with Goodybag to make these donations happen. A few that you might recognize are Opal Divine’s, Uncorked, Austin’s Pizza, Clay Pit, Veggie Heaven and I Luv Video.

Company Culture Counts

Goodybag’s 30+ employees operate out of two offices. Visit either one, and you’ll quickly sense that these people like each other, and they love what they do. They’re happy, energetic, having fun and working hard.

Goodybag Austin Team

The Goodybag Team

The Product Team works out of what I call the “Goodybag Pad,” and the Tech Team will be joining them there soon. This large house in Allandale is also home to the four founders of Goodybag and three others on the team. The rest of the group works close by near 2222 and N. Lamar.

Big Developments Coming This Spring

If all goes as planned, Goodybag will be rolling out a suite of bold, new features before Summer 2013. Goodybag co-founder Jay Panchal says that his goal is to “revolutionize local retail commerce.” Though this young start-up is reaching for the sky, they might just have the tools they need to make it happen: a cohesive team, talented developers, a strong work ethic, seasoned advisers and a delicate balance between vision and business sense.

When we visited the Goodybag Pad, Jay gave us a sneak peak into the next version of Goodybag. Think Foodspotting, starting with food, but eventually expanding to other products like fashion and home decor.

Jay Panchal on Next Version of Goodybag

Jay lets us in on some of the features of the next Goodybag

Without ruining the surprise, the coming changes give unique value to consumers and businesses. Goodybag will give consumers the chance to “collect” physical things that they’ve experienced, in digital form. Those of us who have experienced Pinterest know how addictive it can be. This is even more true when the images we’re compiling are things we’ve physically experienced (dishes of food at a new restaurant, a dress we tried on at the mall).

Product Team working on the next iteration of Goodybag

Two Product Team members working on the next iteration of Goodybag

Get Your Goodybag On

Your Goodybag card/keycard (you can choose how you want to carry it around) is free to you, and available at any of the local businesses that use the program. By getting involved, you’ll be saving money, earning rewards and supporting non-profits. Plus, you’ll be in the know when the new Goodybag launches in the next few months.

Make sure you check out the Goodybag website to see the latest innovations from this forward thinking company!


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  • Nacho

    Goodybag is awesome!

    • Goodybag

      Thanks Nacho!

  • Janet AlJunaidi

    What a smart company! (Of course you did hire our nephew!)

  • Michele Dennig

    Big thanks to the Austinot for posting about us!

  • Devin

    Saw this tablet at Roppolo’s on 6th! Cool idea!

  • Team CinnaMan

    Wonderful idea! and those 5c-10c contributions add up very nicely. Will explore to see if Texas Black History Preservation Project is eligible to participate. Thanks for letting us know about this.

  • Blake

    I own a local business down South. Definitely going to look into this. Awesome concept.

  • Brad Young

    Very cool concept. There is tremendous potential if everyone in Austin had one of these cards. We could collectively raise MILLIONS for local charities!

  • Ashley

    Companies like this make me happy to be an Austinite! :)

  • Rachel Norrod

    Being a part of an organization that helps others and not just itself is a value-added proposition. Thank you, Austinot, for helping get the Goodybag word out there!

    • Austinot

      We are most happy to have met you all. The team seems to have a great attitude and a positive vibe. Looking forward to seeing y’all around! Tell Jay to quit stalking me at the gym. Haha! ~ Eric

  • Sunshine

    I have a Goodybag account, and use it frequently. But when I tried to shift to its new rfid chip program, it wouldn’t take. So I have all of these points on my old program, that can’t transfer! HELP!

    • Austinot

      @yahoo-RXDD5SCMTCPFBE4QEPGUX4ENIE:disqus I’ll let one of the folks at Goodybag know that you’ve posted this question. I’m sure they’ll reply for you. They’re a great team. ~ Eric

      • Rachel Norrod

        @yahoo-RXDD5SCMTCPFBE4QEPGUX4ENIE:disqus Sorry you’ve had difficulties! Give this a try: 1. Log on to; 2. hover over your log-in ID in the upper right-hand corner; 3. click on Account Settings from the drop-down menu; 4. click Edit by the Tap-In ID, scroll over the whole number, enter your new alphanumeric string (it is case sensitive and requires the hyphen), and hit Save. That should do it! Stay tuned for a more user friendly version of our website coming soon! Thanks for using Goodybag and supporting Austin charities and businesses!