Austin Weekend Events, SXSW Plans, BBQ & More on the Austinot Podcast

Sherwood Forest Faire Costumes

Creatures of Fantasy are all over the grounds of the Sherwood Forest Faire, taking place this weekend

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It’s that time of the week again! We’re ready to break the chain that attaches us to our desk from Monday to Friday, and enjoy a full weekend in our one-of-a-kind city.



Not in Austin, but we love a day trip out to The Salt Lick in Driftwood

Those who have been tuning in to the Austinot Podcast for the past few weeks know that we’ve been collecting your questions and featuring them on our show. Here are the questions we cover today:

  • “Is there anything going on this weekend in Austin?” -Michelle Hermark, Facebook
  • “Where is the best, most trustworthy mechanic in Austin?” -Martin Castle, Facebook
  • “Where are the awesome people of the Austinot partying it up during SXSW?”
    -Amanda Caldwell, Facebook
  • “Where in Austin can I find the best BBQ?”
    -Tom Rice, Facebook

Austin Weekend Events

The bulk of our episode is devoted to upcoming Austin weekend events. Here’s some of the fun you can choose from:

2013 Austin RV Expo

The 2013 Austin RV Expo is taking place through Sunday at the Convention Center

If you check out our Austin Events Calendar, you’ll see even more events for this weekend that we didn’t have a chance to cover during our episode. The Austin Specialty Beer Festival starts tomorrow at noon, and the annual Beard and Moustache Competition is Saturday night. Yes, you heard right.

By the way, anyone can submit events to our calendar, so please help yourself.

Last tip: keep an eye on our #ATXweekend hashtag on Twitter. We use it to collect weekend recommendations for you, so you’re never at a loss for what to do with the brief break-time you have!


@QuasiBrit asks:

What do you have planned for your weekend in Austin?


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    Love your podcast!

    • Brittany Highland

      Thank you, @facebook-596182397:disqus! We really appreciate the encouragement. Always feel free to send us an Austin question on any of our social platforms. We’d love to feature you in one of our episodes.