All Dates Begin Well at Austin’s Violet Crown Cinema

Violet Crown Cinema Lobby

This guest blog post is by Hunter Stanford.

I finally had a date. Finally. It had been so long since my last one that all that remained were hazy visions of one-sided conversations and unreturned phone calls. Almost 27, I’m not getting any younger. What if this is the last date I ever get?

I had to make it count and that’s where Violet Crown Cinema came in. A classy movie joint nestled into Austin’s downtown bustle, the Crown meets the fine standard set by all the Alamos and cinema festivals of our fine city.

The theater is sandwiched by buildings on 2nd Street, in between Guadalupe and San Antonio. She faces south and there’s a big white CINEMA sign staring right at you. Park in the garage right around the corner off San Antonio (parking validated by the Crown!) and make your way to the Violet Crown.

Violet Crown Cinema Austin Exterior

On the smaller side as far as theaters go, there were four movies to choose from when I went. That said, buy your ticket in advance. My friend and I got the last two tickets for our showing and we bought our tickets a full day beforehand.

But Do They Serve Food Here?

Violet Crown Cinema Snack Bar

Violet Crown Cinema Dining

Did I mention the chandeliers?

They do! I was hoping you would ask that. You’ll find a spacious area to sit down and relax just outside the theater, where you can impress your date beforehand. There were even these weird chandeliers that would make a great conversation starter. Packing a full bar and kitchen to boot, the Violet Crown could please the pickiest of eaters and snobbiest of drinkers. There were paninis, hot dogs, cocktails and Lone Stars.

Sadly, there is no wait service from your theater seat. There are great side tables that slide up next to each chair so you can eat during the showing, but you must tote your meal from lobby to theater all by your lonesome. I hear you Alamo purists grumbling and I say this: if the fact that you might have to get up for that second cucumber martini is a deal breaker, maybe you should reevaluate more than just your choice of local theaters.

Violet Crown Cinema Bar and Dining

What Kind of Movies Can I See?

Fitting for Austin, Violet Crown Cinema has an eye for not only the blockbusters, but hip independent films you may not have known about. I won’t get into specific titles, but just next week the Oscar-nominated short films of 2013 start running. Short of Internet piracy, I don’t know where else I might see that collection.

Furthermore, I saw options to rent out a theater auditorium for events. Pricing begins at $250, including use of the projectors and audio, and goes up from there depending on the day, time of day, and length of rental time. What could be more fun than getting tipsy with your workmates as Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls blares onscreen? Rent that beast out and show whatever you want!


With that old dog Valentine’s Day nipping at your heels, the Violet Crown could be just the place to throw some kindling into the fire. There’s an outside balcony just perfect for you smokers and swooners, and the lighting inside will accentuate your bling perfectly.

And did my date go well? I think so. I didn’t get a cucumber martini thrown in my face and I even seem to recall a few laughs. All credit to the Violet Crown.

Check out current film listings at

Violet Crown Cinema in Downtown Austin

Hunter Stanford is an Austin-based web designer with a passion for all that is awesome. That may sounds vague to you but to him it’s quite specific. Refer to for awesomeness discrepancies. 


Interior photos via Flickr CC, courtesy of Jodi Bart.


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