The Blanton – A Great Austin Museum For UTexas Students

Visiting an Austin museum can be a rare experience for UTexas students who would rather spend their downtime on 6th Street. The Blanton Museum of Art, however, is something every Longhorn should take the time to see. I spent an afternoon walking around the museum to pin down exactly why I love it so much. If you haven’t been, I definitely encourage you to spend some time enjoying its many exhibits.

The museum is ever-changing and alive because Blanton’s collection grows and changes all the time. No two visits to the Blanton Museum are the same. I remember visiting their Turner to Monet exhibition once and, despite my deep respect for the 19th century masters, intended to skip the exhibit during my next visit. But alas, the museum had moved on to a new exhibit by the time I returned! The museum has exhibited everything from famous portraits to Central American folk art. [Read more…]

UTexas Memes – A Picture Course For Longhorns

“What exactly is a meme?” fellow UTexas Longhorns often ask me.

Picture me stuttering and pursing my lips. Of course I know what a meme is,  but it’s not the simplest thing to describe. Nonetheless, I feel that it is my duty to provide a quick introductory course as a Longhorn and avid Internet-goer.


UTexas Memes is a massive Facebook page (Click HERE to see it). Many of the people who like the page, however, could benefit from understanding how the page came to be.

An Internet meme is a bit of information that has achieved viral state in the Internet community. Usually the information is funny, but not always (cough-Chuck Testa-cough).

Regardless of the information’s content, the only real qualification for meme-hood is that the information is repeated and kept relevant for a significant amount of time.

A meme can be a video, a picture, a website, or even just a saying. A meme of rapper XZIBIT immortalized [Read more…]

UT Open House – The Biggest Open House In Texas

Hook ’em baby! This Saturday is the Explore UT Open House!

That’s right folks the University of Texas is opening its doors to the world. Touted as “The Biggest Open House In Texas” on the UT website, this event is sure to please.

People of all ages will be descending upon the UT Campus Saturday March 3rd from 11am-5pm to explore all that UT has to offer.

But this is more than just an open house… so read on Longhorn fanatic and get ready to get immersed in some burnt orange culture.

UT is huge, and there are so many things to see on Saturday that even though the official open house starts at 11, the activities really start at 9am.

There are over 400 programs that are taking place on campus, let’s look at [Read more…]