Hitch for Bike Rack from Discount Hitch & Truck Accessories

yakima-doubledown-bike-rack-austinAfter getting our new bikes at The Peddler, we picked up a Yakima Doubledown bike rack from REI. The next step in this long Austin biking adventure? A hitch for our bike rack.

When we get ideas into our heads, we usually want them done fast. This found us desperately calling hitch shops in Austin, TX, early on Saturday morning. The places we called either weren’t open, or they didn’t have the hitch we needed in stock. We couldn’t wait three days. We wanted to get our bikes out to Fredericksburg that day.

Finally, we found a shop that had our hitch in stock: Discount Hitch and Truck Accessories, on Ben White at South Congress. Sweet. Could they get us in for an appointment [Read more…]