Spotlight on the Darkest Bar in Texas

The Cloak Room Bar in Austin

The Cloak Room, known as the darkest bar in Texas

Have you noticed how much Austin has changed? In the past 10 years, Austin has risen to become the 11th largest city in the nation, and it has the stretch marks to show for it.

An ever-increasing metro population has led to growing pains in the form of construction cranes, an increased cost of living, and traffic that seems to go nowhere. It’s great to live in a popular city, but it can be a bit exhausting.

Still, if you search hard enough, you can find pockets of the old Austin, thriving amid the development and high-rises. Case in point: Austin’s darkest bar [Read more…]

People Watching at SXSW 2012

Forget meeting people at the SXSW parties. People watching is the best way to experience all the different personalities SXSW brings to Austin.

There was a soft, hungover buzz in the air when I began watching my fellow festival-goers today. The city stirred back to life after yet another night of company-sponsored parties and after parties. Crushed Monster and Red Bull cans lined the sidewalks like breadcrumbs back to Sixth Street. I watched bleary-eyed twenty-somethings in suits stagger from their hotel rooms and toward the Convention Center.

You can tell a lot about these people. Despite their partying, they have the self-determination to get themselves out of bed the next morning. These are the movers and shakers of my generation. They burn the candle from both ends. Interactive technology is a new and powerful market to capture, so only the smartest and most dedicated people can handle the lifestyle.

Sixth Street is eerily quiet as tourists wander zombie-like from their hotel rooms.

The quiet hum of the morning slowly grew into a roar as people flooded into the streets and toward their [Read more…]

Austin Carriage Presents Austin Tours of Downtown


Recently we were INVITED to check out Austin Carriage, the original horse-drawn carriage company in the city of Austin.

These folks, who provide Austin tours via horse-drawn carriage, are fantastic.  And no, they haven’t paid us a penny to say this.

So read on, fellow Austinot, and learn a little more about this company and what they are all about.

First off, let us tell you about the owner Cherie Cunningham.  She’s been in the horse business since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. And given the chance she will animatedly tell you stories, with a sparkle in her eye, about her childhood growing up around horses.  It is obvious that she has a love and respect for the horses she works with and [Read more…]