One Of The World’s Best Renaissance Fairs Is Here In Texas

Travel back in time with me to one of the world’s best Renaissance fairs, the Sherwood Forest Faire.

Nearly 100,000 people have attended since Sherwood’s opening on February 27th, 2010. So read on, my Renaissance fair friend, and see why you too should come and join the revelry.

Royalty of The Sherwood Forest Faire

Nestled in the woods less than an hour east of Austin, you will find a world unaffected by the passage of time. At the Sherwood Forest Faire, kings and queens, lords and ladies, pirates, peasants, fantasy creatures, food vendors and merchants frolick freely in a remarkable setting.

The fine folks at Corsets by Casta Diva took plenty of time to explain their wares to us.

Let me set the stage for you. The Sherwood Forest Faire sits inside a fully fenced, twenty-five acre, gorgeous wooded site.  Within the site are numerous permanent structures, constructed in the style of the Renaissance period. To retain the illusion, there are  no paved paths,  just the natural paths created by attendees over the past two years. Just outside the fenced area is a massive campground full of clans. And some say that’s where the real experience is at.

Artisans use authentic methods to educate and demonstrate.

There is an air of authenticity at the Sherwood Forest Faire that rivals and perhaps beats any of the other Renaissance fairs out there.

A juggler entertains from the rooftop of the two-story Italian restaurant on the fairgrounds.

During our first weekend at Sherwood, I ran into Travis Fluegge and Penny Rees, who have traveled to Renaissance fairs around the world.

Worldwide Ren Faire travelers Travis Fluegge and Penny Rees

“We’ve traveled all over the world in search of the best Renaissance fairs for years. Out of all the ren fairs we’ve been to, we think Sherwood Forest Faire is by far the best in the country.”


There are so many things to do at the Sherwood Forest Faire, and so many things to see. You can easily spend a full day or weekend exploring all that this fair has to offer!

There are horses, goats, falcons, vultures and even a baby pig at the Faire.

Creatures of fantasy are all over the grounds. Everyone loves them and they love to interact with the crowds.

What can you expect from the Sherwood Forest Faire?  On the grounds, you’ll find horse-drawn carriages,  jugglers, jesters and minstrels at every turn, all fully costumed. There are over 130 merchants, a ridiculous variety of mouth-watering food options and numerous carts to suit your every whim and desire. We’ve actually prepared a podcast on the Sherwood Forest Faire so you can hear how exciting it is.

Music and pageantry await you at the Sherwood Forest Faire

Paolo Garbanzo the Juggling Fool uses members of the audience in his act. It was one of our favorite shows!

As if that isn’t enough, there are over 100 different daily shows that are included with the price of admission!  Jousting, comedy, music, crafts, dancing, hand-to-hand combat and more.  All of these shows boast the splendor and grandeur of the Renaissance period.

Jousting at the Sherwood Forest Faire is one of the highlights of the day.

Fun for the whole family! Our friend Haleigh found a little friend and a feathered friend at one of the many merchant booths.

This Texas Ren fair is fun for the whole family.  Those of an adult age can enjoy a stout beverage and comedic shows with light-hearted adult humor. Meanwhile, children can enjoy puppet shows, the petting zoo, faery tea parties and more.

Activities for the kids are so much fun! There is a huge swing, Jacob’s Ladder and more!

But all this has to be expensive, right?  Wrong!  Only $18 gets you into the Faire!  And if you go on Sunday before noon, you get two adult tickets for the price of one!  Oh, and parking is free!

Interested?  Buy your tickets by clicking HERE.

Want to make a weekend trip out of it?  Get this, camping on site at the Sherwood Forest Faire is only $10 per adult and $5 per child for the whole weekend! The campground, which I’ll post about later in this series, is a world unto itself. If you can’t wait and want to learn more about the camping guidelines, click HERE.

Co-owner George Appling (left) with Entertainment Director Zane Baker (right)

Co-owner of The Sherwood Forest Faire, George Appling (seated), holds court with a few of his friends

So come on down!  Open every weekend from February 11 to April 1, 2012.


@EricHighland asks:

Have you been to the Sherwood Forest Faire? What did you think?


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  • Leigh Ann

    We went last year with a group of friends and all of our kids and had a blast. It really was fun, and like you mentioned, there was plenty to do and see for all ages. We’re planning on making it an annual tradition!

    • Eric Highland

      Let me know what weekend you are going, would love to meet up with you!

  • anevans81

    This looks really awesome. My husband’s birthday is around the corner and this would be such a fun way to celebrate!

  • Deborah Spiess Seeley

    It looks like alot of fun……love the costumes.

    • Austinot Eric

      Have you ever been to one Deborah? I have to tell you it was a blast. I just started my Renaissance Faire costume ideas pin on Pinterest. ~smirk~

    • Eric Highland

      Have you ever been to one Deborah?  I have to tell you it was a blast.  I just started my Renaissance Faire costume ideas pin on Pinterest.  ~smirk~

  • David O.

    I’ve been there all 3 weekends so far, and I’ve already more than got my money’s worth from the Friends of Faire season pass.  It’s even fun on a rainy day :)

    • Eric Highland

      David!  We’ll be coming back out to do stories and posts on individual aspects.  Are you camping out there?  We might even come and camp one weekend!

      • Davole

        I’ve been camping every week so far. I’m meeting lots of friendly people and getting to know some of the clans. Hit me up on Facebook if you want to meetup sometime. David O’Leary

        • Eric Highland

          I’ll do just that David.  We are looking to camp this weekend rather than next.  I have a SXSW client that I’ll be busy with the following weekend.  Looking forward to meeting with you.

  • Kaitlynn

    I went this past weekend and had the time of my life! I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone. Come as you are, come as who you fantasize being, make a home there, even if for just one day. You’ll have a memory for life.

    • Eric Highland

      What was your favorite thing that you did at the faire?  Tell me your secrets :)

      • Kaitlynn

        Hmmm I’m not sure… not specifically something I did but just interacting with all of the staff. Everyone was incredibly nice!

        • Eric Highland

          That it so true Kaitlynn, one thing I have to say about Sherwood Forest Faire is that everyone there is beyond friendly.  So welcoming and genuine.  Very nice staff and volunteers await you at every turn.  

  • Kristin S.

    Looks like fun to me.  Do you think a 2-year-old would love it too? 

    • Eric Highland

      I do think a two year old would like it a lot.  The petting zoo area is small but the animals are friendly as are the people there.  Last weekend I saw quite a few strollers around and children taking photos with characters of all types.  There is a puppet show that would be a lot of fun and more.  Also, it is like a wonderland in the middle of the woods.  What two year old isn’t happy just traipsing through the woods?  So I hope you’ll check it out, and I’d love to hear back on your experience.

    • Tracy

      Make sure to check out the Fool Hearty show!! My kiddos love it :)

  • Katey (Having Fun at Home)

    Camping on-site sounds like a great way to do it!

    • Eric Highland

      Amen to that!  I’ve heard that the campground is where the real party is at.  I’m thinking of going out there one weekend this year myself and staying the whole weekend in our tent.  Are you going to do the camping thing?

      • Nikiceston

        The camping is the best! There is nothing like it. You must try it.

        • Dustin

          This sounds like such a blast. I can’t imagine what stories the campers would tell around the fires.

  • Rebecca

    Wonderful post!! I have always known Sherwood Forest was around us, but didn’t know much about it. It is definitely going to be on our to do list now! Thanks!

    • Eric Highland

      Rebecca, so glad you are going to check it out.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and cant wait to go back this year.

  • Niki

    It truly is a magical place. Its my favorite TX faire and it doesn’t hurt it is my backyard. I can take the kids and have blast. And then another experience with friends. There is something for every and everyone is your friend. Huzzah!!!

    • Eric Highland

      Have you ever camped here before?  I mean at the actual faire?

  • JoeyR

    It would be pretty crowded if it were really 2 acres.  It’s actually around 25 acres.

    • Eric Highland

      Doh!  Yeah, thanks Joey!  Just fixed it.  Go figure, I proofread my work over and over before posting and then I miss the obvious.  If it were a snake it would have bitten me :/

  • George

    Nice post, Eric!
    Let me know when you’re returning.
    Someone else caught this but Sherwood Forest Faire is about 25 acres inside the fence.
    See you at Faire!

    • Eric Highland

      Thanks George, already fixed it.  We plan on returning very soon.  I’ll shoot you a Facebook Message.  Glad you liked the post.

  • Jeff Weisbaker

     Have been to all three opening weekends and plan on making everyone they have after.

    • Eric Highland

      Wow, a true fan Jeff!  What has been your favorite experience?

  • Andre

    I have been a part of this Faire since the very beginning. It is truly a wondrous place and my home away from home.

    • Eric Highland

      Andre, do you camp there for the duration?

      • Andre

        Fortunately, I live about 40 minutes away. While we camp during the weekend, we return home for the week.

        • Eric Highland

          We live in Austin (Obviously) it is great that this faire is so close.  Hopefully we’ll run into one another one of these weekends.

          • Andre

            It is very good. And one of the reasons we signed on.

            It would be good to meet you.

  • Claudia Drinovsky

    You should definitely come by booth#200 we are a non-profit Bazaar where all the proceeds go to charity.

    • Eric Highland

      Claudia, I’ll make it a point to stop by.  What is the name of your booth?

  • Michael Moya

    Sherwood Forest Fair is my new home away from home!!! I’ve been here since day one in 2010!! Help cleaned and maintained the fair during of season and during season!! Help cleared camping areas for Patrons alike!! I myself make my new home in the Camping amongst all that come visit us in our Fair!! I work for the fair in one of the best jobs ever!!! Swords and Shields by the Joust Arena, in which every hour I spend my time playing with the kids and giving my awesome hugs to all that want it!!!!

    • Eric Highland

      Michael that is awesome, sounds like you are a seasoned pro.  Look for us this weekend.  We plan to stay at the campground.

      • Michael Moya

         Great!! I will keep me eye out for!

        • Eric Highland

          You won’t be able to miss our ridiculously huge tent and two people who look like they don’t have a clue in the woods. :)

  • Vcadeyrn

    I went to Sherwood in the first year it was open and had a blast. For the 2nd season, I returned as a volunteer cast member for the Fae group and again this year as the drow Cadeyrn. Sherwood in all senses of the word, is home to me. I get to roam and entertain people and help ensure they have a good time, while having a blast myself. I love Sherwood Forest Faire with a passion. And those of you who have not entered our gates, should, because I know you will too.

    • Eric Highland

      Have we met?  I don’t recognize the name, but the way you write sounds sort of familiar in a freaky non-stalkerish kind of way.

  • Rigor mortis

    Rigor here…. Sherwood is magical ,I myself have been going to sherwood since the first time we were allowed to step foot on the grounds and  to see it come from where it was to what it is now is amazing .from the forest to the faire ….i think i should write a book?! Sherwood will always be HOME!!!!!!!!

    • Eric Highland

      Love the name!  Will you be there this weekend?

  • luckystars54

    I have never been and it is definitely on my list, especially as a homeschool family! I think we will wait until the toddler is a little older next year so that we can thoroughly enjoy it. You have done a wonderful write up on the entire event and the pictures, in correlation with the words, painted a very clear picture. Thanks for sharing about your experience!

    • Eric Highland

      It is really a magical place.  They had art classes for kids, swings, horse rides, a carousel and more.  We are going out this weekend and camping onsite!  We couldn’t be more excited.  Look for more indepth posts on the Sherwood Forest Faire coming soon!

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  • preferred stock

    I have been a included in this Faire since the very beginning. it is truly a wondrous place and my home away from home.

    • Eric Highland

      We really enjoyed it. Truly thankful it is in Austin’s backyard @5ba722266787b99ec0c74a78a540ea91:disqus