Austinot Podcast: Plastic Bag Ban, Radio Stations, Tex-Mex and More

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For those of you who tuned in last week, you know that we’re experimenting with a new format on our Austinot Podcast. Instead of focusing on one topic, we’ve started soliciting your burning questions about Austin!


Holy Mountain is a new live music venue in the Red River district

This episode of the Austinot Podcast covers some stellar questions about our beautiful city. Tune in to hear the answers to the following questions:

  • “How many live music venues are there in Austin?”
    -Laurie A. Valek, Facebook
  • “When will Austin get better radio stations?”
    -@kelz514, Twitter
  • “What is the one best resource for finding out what’s happening in Austin for the weekend?”
    -Stephanie Stacy Phelps, Facebook
  • “What are your thoughts on the plastic bag ban that’s going into effect?” -Tyler Edmunds, Facebook
  • “I’m looking for the ‘best’ or at least ‘good’ Tex-Mex in Austin. What are y’all’s favorite places?”
    -Ellen Deleganes, Facebook
  • “Are there any Austin area writers groups?”
    -@literarygrrrl, Twitter
Chuys Tex Mex Restaurant Austin

Chuy’s Tex-Mex on Barton Springs is one of our personal favorites!

We know you’ll learn something new about Austin if you take a few minutes to listen today! Plus, you really want to know what new Austin radio station Eric listens to on his way to the gym every morning.

We’re continuing to collect your questions, so keep them coming! You can hit us up on Facebook or Twitter any time.


@QuasiBrit asks:

How would YOU answer the questions we tackled today?


Cover photo via Flickr CC by Jessica R.


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  • 2TourAustin_net

    KAMO-Fm is a radio station in Rogers, AR — I like @FreeFunInAustin to. In regards to bags I hate the ban…mainly because of my thriftiness and using the bags for trash. As I wrote in my letter to the editor in the Chronicle last year, my wife and I use the plastic bags in the small trash cans around the house. So the ban does not eliminate any bags. Rather instead forces us to buy bags not in our budget to line those cans, thus just replacing one plastic bag with another.

    • Brittany Highland

      @twitter-635063051:disqus, I reuse my grocery bags in the same way, and recycle the extras at area H-E-B’s.

      • 2TourAustin_net

        My full time job is at the Randall’s in Lakeway and people can recycle plastic bags there to, and they won’t be affected by the ban. Other then maybe having some people drive there to still get plastic bags.

  • Patricia Teel

    The bag ban is a terrible idea. Just wait, people will be getting sick from those reusable bags. They already are in other parts of the country.