Art on the Green at Laguna Gloria: Exceptional Date Spot

Gentlemen, it’s time to suit up.

The Austinot is all about helping you out, so it’s our job to tell you about events like the one at Laguna Gloria. There is a lot to experience in this great city of Austin, and we love to sift through everything it offers and show you what’s worth paying attention to. Well, hold on a second and let me tell you about the perfect date location – guys, I’m talking to you.

The AMOA-Arthouse is one of my favorite places in Austin. If you haven’t checked out their location on Congress, definitely head that way to enjoy some amazing contemporary art. Right now, though, I want to tell you about their Laguna Gloria location. It is located at 35th Street and Lake Austin. Austinites throughout history have fallen in love with its beautiful landscapes and Spanish architecture. Even Stephen F. Austin once owned the place.

Speaking of love and landscapes, now is the time to take your date to Laguna Gloria for a fun and romantic outing. The AMOA-Arthouse is currently exhibiting their “Art on the Green” exhibit, which is an outdoor social experience you need to visit with your gal. Austin artists, architects and landscapers have designed an eclectic miniature golf course on Laguna Gloria’s picturesque grounds. The AMOA-Arthouse golf exhibit features nine holes that range from humorous and silly to smart and chic. You will putt around beautiful statues and gardens while you weave through some serious Austin creativity.

Statues and fountains. What's more romantic than that?

Don’t worry if you’re not a golfer. The AMOA-Arthouse will provide you with some rental clubs if you don’t own a set – just don’t get there too late. They stop giving out clubs an hour before the course closes. You can play from 12–8pm on Tuesday, 12–4pm on Wednesday, and 10am–4pm Thursday through Sunday. The exhibit will be around all month, but you need to get out there before the word spreads. This is a perfectly romantic thing for you to do this Friday.

Laguna Gloria is modeled after an Italian villa. There are fountains and gardens galore. Take your date here and you’ll be Frank Sinatra all night long. Be sure to spend some time exploring the beautiful grounds of Laguna Gloria. The landscape is extremely varied, and each part of it exudes romance.

You can take your date to the Temple of Love (yes, that is its real name), which is a four-column gazebo surrounded by a stone garden that overlooks the river. Also, wander through Laguna Gloria’s Sunken Garden and Four Seasons Garden when you aren’t putting and being witty. Actually, keep the wittiness. It’s time for your A-Game.

The Sunken Garden is a rose garden that surrounds a sculpture and white pergola. It feels quiet and removed from the rest of the world. The Four Seasons garden is a display of authentic Venetian statues that are illuminated by white lights that hang in the trees.

Again, gentlemen, a better date spot has never existed. Do yourself and your lady a favor and play miniature golf on the most beautiful grounds in Austin. You won’t regret it.

There is a tenth miniature golf hole; it’s just not located at Laguna Gloria. You’ll have to find that one for yourself (hint: it’s on Congress). Click here to contact the AMOA-Arthouse with more questions.

Austinot Dusty asks:
Have you ever walked around the grounds of Laguna Gloria?


Photos are property of Jim Nix, Jennifer Brandel and Ryan Mattson, respectively.

  • Eric Highland

    Thanks Dusty. I’m actually going to take Brittany here for her birthday. Great suggestion! She’s been hinting at it all week. 

  • Volunteer Editor

    If this place was on the Brazos river it would be in East Texas.

    • Brittany Highland

      Thanks for catching this, Volunteer. Dusty must’ve been dreaming of East Texas when he wrote his post. Laguna Gloria is actually located on Lake Austin where 35th St. deadends.

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