5 Elements Elite Spas Provides Resort Feel Without the Fluff

5 Elements Elite Spas in Steiner Ranch

5 Elements Elite Spas is located on the top floor of the Monterone Apartments Clubhouse

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, the quality of service at 5 Elements Elite Spas has changed since our visit in December 2012. We’re keeping up our original review, but ask that you take the time to read the comments on this article and other Internet review sites before planning a visit.

Though it all pays off on Christmas Day when we’re surrounded by loved ones, these few weeks before Christmas can be brutal. I don’t know about you, but my head is filled with grocery lists, event schedules and that nagging feeling that some of my Christmas letters will be late…and all this in the middle of the work day.

So you can imagine my excitement when 5 Elements Elite Spas and Salon, a new business in Steiner Ranch, invited Eric and me out for a visit last weekend. The 5 Elements team took amazing care of us and we really got a behind the scenes look into their quality of service.

Our Experience at 5 Elements Elite Spas and Salon

Painted ceiling at 5 Elements Spa

Destination spa feeling at 5 Elements Elite

Our Saturday morning began with a tour of 5 Elements. It’s located above the Monterone Apartments Clubhouse in Steiner Ranch. It’s a beautiful location, with painted ceilings, eye-catching chandeliers and an overabundance of windows looking out on Texas Hill Country.

My first appointment was with esthetician Julie Ray, who gave me the 5 Elements Signature Facial (60 min). Julie was incredibly kind, and I couldn’t believe that she was taking time to take care of me on her birthday! What stood out the most about my 5 Elements facial, compared to my past experience, was the sophistication of Julie’s equipment. Julie introduced me to the Clarisonic, which is a tool for exfoliating and cleansing. Think of a Sonicare toothbrush for your face!

Facial in Austin at 5 Elements Elite

Julie’s welcoming facial room

After visiting Julie, I was introduced to the lead massage therapist. Eric had just received a customized massage that he couldn’t stop raving about. For our time together, the therapist wanted to demonstrate for me his Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage (70 min).

The Lomi Lomi massage is rare in the continental United States because there aren’t many practitioners who choose to learn it. I’m so glad I had the privilege of experiencing it. The therapist described the technique as “caring and nurturing,” as the massage therapist “flows” up and down the body.

This may sound silly, but I kept imagining that I was floating in the ocean, and the ocean had become a person who was gently buffeting my body. The 5 Elements Lomi Lomi session is even more wonderful because Hawaiian music is played in the background, completing the experience.

Floating on clouds (or waves), I made my way to my last appointment at the 5 Elements Elite Salon. I gave hair stylist Amber Welch full range to play with my hair as she wanted! After a shampoo, Amber blow dried and styled my hair into soft, bouyant curls. The other customers in the salon joined me in raving about Amber’s work, and I resolved to go out on the town later in the day to show it off!

Hair stylist Amber Welch at 5 Elements

Enjoying myself with stylist Amber Welch

5 Elements Services

In our few hours at 5 Elements, we only experienced a fraction of their full suite of services. Instead of having to visit multiple locations across Austin, you can receive all of these services at 5 Elements:

  • Multiple types of massages, including couples massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • A variety of facials, peels and facial add-ons
  • Makeup and lash extensions
  • Waxing
  • Hair design and coloring
  • Hand and feet services, including manicures and pedicures
  • Botox and other injectables
  • Health and fitness consulting
  • Bridal packages
  • Maternity packages
Massage room at 5 Elements Elite Spas

Massage room overlooking the Hill Country

What Sets 5 Elements Elite Spas Apart

Spa Director Stefany Taylor sat down to answer our questions about 5 Elements before we started our treatments. There were a number of interesting takeaways from our conversation:

  • 5 Elements customers receive full access to the Monterone Clubhouse on the day of their visit, including indoor/outdoor swimming pools, sauna, jacuzzi, billiards, gym, and patio overlooking the countryside.
  • 5 Elements has a full-time staff – no one rents space.
  • Staff members have impressive experience. Main colorist Victoria Fuentes has been a trainer for Toni & Guy. Lead hair stylist Michael Rosario has opened multiple Toni & Guy locations. Nurse Kelly Harrison trains doctors to provide Botox treatment. Stefany had nothing but good things to say about all of her staff members.
  • 5 Elements provides the ambiance of a resort spa, but it’s not “fluffy.” The level of service is kept high and customers see lasting results.
5 Elements Elite Salon at Steiner Ranch

Exterior view of 5 Elements Salon

Stefany describes 5 Elements Elite Spas as “elite, but not elitist.” Though I don’t regularly frequent resort-style spas myself, I felt a warmth from everyone. I’m sure this stems in part from the fact that 5 Elements staff members enjoy working with each other. I heard from multiple people that they love their co-workers, and even spend time with each other outside of work.

If you’re in need of a breather before the holiday season drives you batty, but you can’t go far from Austin, take the time to check out 5 Elements Spas and Salon. Once you do, let me know what you think!

5 Elements Spas and Salon is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10 AM-6 PM. Visit their website for more information.

Hair styling at 5 Elements Elite Spas

Sporting my new do – thank you, Amber!

@QuasiBrit asks:

What is your favorite resort-style spa in or near Austin?

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    Extractions are for girls.. that’s all I’m saying. ~shifts eyes~

  • 5 Elements Elite Spas

    Great article! Thanks again for coming out and spending your Saturday with us!

    • http://www.austinot.com/ Brittany Highland

      Thanks for having us!

  • Rachel

    DO NOT GO HERE!! I was a loyal customer until my last appt. Victoria dyed my roots and they did not match. I called to reschedule and was scheduled to come back for a correction at no charge. I arrived to find the doors locked. They never called me to cancel the appt and I drove in from Austin! The manager let me in and I found out that the stylists had not shown up for work that day because the owner hadn’t paid them in weeks! I asked to speak with the owner and he was outside drunk and high on an unknown substance. He began to cry and babble things I couldn’t understand. I was told it would be two weeks before I could have my hair fixed. I was done with this place and called the next day for a refund. The phone was disconnected because no one had paid the bill. I was told I would receive a refund check in the mail. After two weeks I never did receive my refund. This place is horrible and the owner is a drug addict. DO NOT GO HERE!! If they make an error in their service they will NOT care and will not give you your money back. The owner doesnt pay his employees so they leave regularly. I REPEAT< DON'T GO HERE THE OWNER LIVES IN THE SALON TOO!!!!!!!!!

    • Austinot

      @a448208abcc3686df6733ef394c0ef2b:disqus, Wanted to confirm what you were saying before editing this article. I’ve called twice now with no answer at two different numbers. I also took a look at the Yelp! Reviews to see if there was anything more current (we were guests in December of 2012) the most current reviews are negative. I’ll see if we can track down Mr. Manning and find out what the story is. Thanks for the comment. ~ Eric

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          Hi Rachel, I received your contact form yesterday and I’ll be in touch.

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